Internal rules

The Château des Portes is not a place freely open to the public. It is a family who is welcoming you in their own house. There may also be other travellers under the same roof. For this reason, we invite you to enjoy all the places of life at your disposal in a user-friendly manner and with respect for everyone’s privacy.
For the comfort and peace of all, we regret that we cannot accommodate the animals in the rooms.

Arrivals :
In order to be able to welcome you in the best possible conditions, you will be welcome from 16:00 on the day of your arrival, until 19.00. In case of early or late arrival, please contact us beforehand.

Departures :
On the last day, departures shall be made no later than 11:00.

Breakfasts :
Breakfasts are served in the common dining room between 7:30 and 10:00.

Rooms :
Doing laundry and eating meals is forbidden in the rooms. Visitors can access the WiFi free of charge. Illegal downloading is prohibited. While it is a tradition for visitors to take care of their bed linnen, effects and clothes, their hosts carry out daily cleanliness, in particular to empty the bins and renew the laundry if necessary. Large dirt will be at the expense of the customer! Valuables (jewellery, multimedia devices, various means of payment, etc.) must not be left in rooms or in parked vehicles, as hosts will not be liable in the event of the disappearance of such items.

General issues :
In accordance with Decree No 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006, smoking in places for collective use is prohibited. The entire establishment, including rooms, is therefore non-smoking. In the context of the protection of minors, the sale of alcohol is prohibited for minors under the age of 18.

We invite our clients to show decent clothing at all times, and to be dressed and to wear shoes when walking in the common parts.

The client undertakes to leave the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare and pay for any damage or disappearance of any items for which they may be responsible.
Children living in property are under the sole responsibility of their parents. For children, access to the swimming pool is allowed only if accompanied by a parent.

The kitchen is not left to the free disposal of the hosts.
Theft and accidents: the owner shall not be liable for theft or bodily injury which has occurred on the property.

We count on your collaboration to:

We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration.